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10 Things Getting Me Through #QuarantineLife.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ok, I stole this list idea from another Blogger Babe, Emily of Emmy Lou Styles because I love that it puts some positivity back into this really anxious and scary time we're living in. I've posted (probably a little too much) about how being pregnant during a pandemic has been really hard on me. But it really hasn't been alllll bad. So below is a list of the things that are, as Emily put it, "giving me life" during this insane time of social distancing and navigating so many unknowns.

  1. Wheel of Fortune - Laugh all you want but I've gotten really good at WOF during this unprecedented time at home. Ben and I call it "watching our stories." ALSO, it means only 30 minutes left until either Ben or I start Dom's bedtime routine, which means we did it! We survived yet another day of WFH while keeping a toddler alive.

  2. Twitter - There's no better way to be a part of basically any kind of conversation than Twitter. I have been tweeting like it's 2010 over here. Tweeting my thoughts, retweeting political commentary, adding snarky comments about Adam from Below Deck. It's been really entertaining

  3. TikTok - Yes. Yes, I am 15. But seriously, people being stuck at home means the content on TikTok has been hilarious and it has been plentiful. People get reallllll funny when there's nothing else to do. A friend and I have even taken to learning dances...ya know...the ones that don't break our 30-year-old bones.

  4. Bravo - Name a Bravo show and I am here for it. There's like one each night that I love. My current faves include Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Family Karama, Summer House, and VanderPump Rules.

  5. Baby Kicks - They're a subtle reminder that P is happy and healthy in there.

  6. Sunshine - I mean this is a given. If you're going to be stuck at your property, you might as well be able to also sit on your patio. I feel like this would be one million times worse if we were quarantined during the wintertime.

  7. Virtual Happy Hours - These have really been giving me life. It doesn't matter if your friend lives down the street or across the country, you can't see any of them in-person so you might as well get cozy on a web call and catch up. I've been able to catch up with two friends who've literally moved to opposite sides of the country as well as play games with our friends who live only 10 minutes away.

  8. Group texts - My thumbs have been hard at work checking in on friends, complaining about the TP shortage, sending memes, you name it. Just like virtual happy hours group texts have been a great way to stay connected.

  9. Puppy snuggles - I now understand why therapy dogs are so important. I have been petting the ever-loving shit our dog, Kona. Her fur is just so soft and she's so snuggly. She just calms my anxiety.

  10. My Husband - Yes I know, I know - Cheesy AF. But he really has been the rock that is holding this fam down during this tough time. He remains calm in almost all situations, he gives me so many breaks from parenting especially when he can tell I'm at the end of my rope. He does all the laundry. He unloads the dishwasher and loads it again. He's really doing an amazing job during what I'm considering to be the hardest mental test of my life.

What are the things helping you through this weird pandemic time?

Hang in there, my friends, hang in there.



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