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Bump n Bake - Wk 13 & Banana Poke Cake

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I thought a fun way to count away the weeks until Baby Girl gets here would be to do something I love, bake something new weekly-ish. I say weekly -ish because let us not forgot that I am the mom of a toddler so my weekends are not always my own. My plan is to make these updates fun and quick and to not have them replace the other kinds of content I usually include. They’re honestly probably more for me than you….ha

OH….did I mention I’m having a GIRL!! The Lady D will be one of very very few girls born into my husband’s family so she’s a bit of a big deal. This could also maybe explain why I’ve been so damn sick this go around. At 13 weeks I’m starting to feel a little better. Still not that 2nd trimester honeymoon feeling, but anything is better than being bedridden so I’ll take it.

This week I made Banana Pudding Poke Cake via The Country Cook. I’ve made this before so my husband was pretty pumped when he saw the ingredients on the counter. I forgot to get a 2nd 9x9 cake pan so I had to improvise and make a dozen poke cupcakes as well and honestly I think I like the cupcakes best.

Week 13 Bump: She out there


  • Nausea - Still here a little bit. Mostly at night which makes for an 8pm bedtime most nights. My doc ended up prescribing Reglan to me to help and it has done an okay job. I still threw up a few times on it.

  • Metallic taste - Ugh! I had this with Dom but it seems to be worse this time around. Nothing....and I mean NOTHING. Gets rid of it. Lemon, Pickles, brushing my teeth, drinking enough water. Nothing. If you've googled it, I've tried it. I have it no matter what I eat or drink. I honestly feel like my nausea wouldn't be so bad if this taste would go away.

  • Bleeding Gums - This one literally just started this morning. Literal blood bath as I brushed my teeth this morning. I had this one with Dom too. It didn't go away until I had him.

  • Increased Heart Rate - Feels like I'm always running. When I read a bedtime story to Dom at night, I run out of breath. I know this is do to the 30-50% more blood pumping through my veins to support Peanut.

  • Night Sweats - woof!

  • Food Aversions - as in nothing ever sounds good to eat. And proteins? Forgetaboutit.


  • Everything Bagels

  • Bubble Tape

  • Blow Pops

  • Pretzel Dogs

  • Ruffles Lays with French Onion Dip

Feeling/Emotion: Excited! Finally. After feeling like crap for so long I was starting to feel so defeated. So “why am I doing this again?” As the fog begins to lift, giddiness is replacing it.



1 box yellow cake mix

ingredients needed to make cake: eggs, oil & water

2 (3.4 oz) packages instant banana pudding

4 cups milk

1 (8 oz) tub frozen whipped topping (COOL WHIP) thawed

20 vanilla wafers crushed


  1. Prepare cake mix according to package directions for a 9x13 cake. (This is where I used one 9x9 cake pan plus 12 cupcakes instead).

  2. Once cake comes out of the oven, allow it to cool for just a couple of minutes. Then, with a wooden spoon handle, begin poking holes in the cake. You want the holes to be big enough so that the pudding has plenty of room to get down in there. Be sure to poke right down to the bottom of the cake.

  3. In a bowl, whisk together instant pudding mix with 4 cups milk. Stir until all the lumps are gone.

  4. Pour pudding over cake. Taking care to pour it right into the holes as much as possible. Spread it all out and using the back of the spoon, gently push pudding down into the holes.

  5. Put the cake into the fridge to set and cool (about 2 hours.)

  6. Once your cake has completely cooled, spread on whipped topping.

  7. Crush the vanilla wafers. Leave some of the pieces big. It's nice to have a bit of a crunch when you eat the cake. Spread crushed wafers onto the top of the cake before serving.

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