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Dom's Birth Story

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Me at 36 weeks pregnant! Little did I know I'd get to meet Dom one week after this.

In the form of a letter to Dom. This is how we met.

Dear Dominic, 

You are just over 19-months and I keep saying that I never want the story of your birth to become fuzzy in my mind, but I fear it will as time goes on so I'm writing it to you in a letter.

On December 7th, I went to work like any normal day. It was/is (as you'll come to know) both your dad's and your grandpa's birthday. Your dad was turning 32! I threw him a huge surprise birthday for his 30th bday and I honestly can't remember what we did for his 31st, but given I was 9 months pregnant with you...obviously this birthday wasn't going to be poppin'. All along we had been hoping we'd be born on the 7th, making it three generations of Dinehart men born that day, but your due date was the 29th, and I just knew you weren't coming on the 7th. I spent that day running around town trying really hard to find your dad a whiskey we'd tried in Spain. That night your dad and I went to dinner at The Block where we placed bets on when you'd be born. I bet that you and me would ride this out to the very end. Your dad bet that we'd be meeting you within the week. 

Clearly you know by now that your dad won. I went to bed at 8:30pm that night and woke up at 3:30am with the worst back pain ever. Your dad immediately turned on the lights and Kona immediately jumped on the bed. Given that your dad and I had no effing clue of what to expect I'd say it took us at least two contractions before we realized what was going on. You were ready to meet your crazy parents. A few contractions later, your dad (with his handy timer app I forced him to download) said, "Babe, I think you're in active labor." and I said, "There's no way!" Your dad jumps out of bed to start making sure our bags are ready to go and get the car loaded. Now because I was in complete and utter denial I too got out of bed...but decided it best to make the bed. You dad comes in and says, "What are you doing, woman!?!" (He probably didn't say woman...but I bet he was thinking it!) I claimed to not want to come home to a dirty house. He ushers me to our guest room (a room that you will one day know better as your younger sibling's room) where I put on my leggings and shoes while he continued loading the car. When he comes back inside, I had decide to pick up my boots off the floor and do some tidying of that room. Again, your dad is not amused. 

By 4:20am or so your dad has somehow finally gotten me into the car and off to Mercy we went. I had two more contractions in the car on the way there. I tell you that fact as proof that you were for sure coming and that I was for sure in denial because once we got tot he hospital I refused to let your dad bring any of our stuff in. "They're probably just going to send us home," I said. Wrong! When they "sent us home" it would be with you in my arms. 

I walked into the maternity center (because I refused to have your dad drop me off or need a wheelchair...because your mama is a stubborn, badass B), walked right to the counter and said "Uhh, I believe I'm in labor." In the intake room, while answering questions about contractions and pain ratings and insurance, I stood up to work my way through a contraction and when I knelt down my water broke. The nurse said, "Yep, we're having a baby today..." Then...right 4:52am your dad and I realized, we were getting ready to meet you! Our baby boy! Our Dominic Dinehart.

Also - please take note that though you were ready to enter the apparently had no interest in sharing your birthday with your dad and grandpa....I see you, Buddy! 

We called your Grandma Susan to let her know you were coming in hot and heavy so she could come be in the room. By 8am I was at 4cm and asked for the epidural (because though I'm a badass, I am for sure NOT a martyr).  

By 10:30am I was at 7cm and the doctor said we would likely have you by lunch and your dad and I began to freak! You were coming! We were going to be parents! We were going to see you for the very first time. By 11am it was time to start pushing. Between pushes your dad and I, the nurse and the doctors talked about anything and everything - restaurants, how to get to the hospital from Kirkwood, the news. It wasn't until the last 30 minutes or so with the contractions coming hot and heavy, one after another, did the chit chat halt so we could focuses on getting you into this world safely. At 12:32pm on December 8, 2017, you entered our world at 6lbs 6oz, 18 inch long and were placed on my chest! Your dad and I cried out eyes out. Your grandma cried her eyes out. You cried your eyes out.

And at 12:33pm I understood that my world would never, ever be the same. You see, Dommy D, you are the greatest gift I never knew I was ready for. I cannot wait to watch you grow into the person you're going to be. I'm sure by the time you actually read this, you will have already grown and made me proud in so many ways. 

Be a good person and make good choices, my love!

Love you forever and always, 


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