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Four Things That Shouldn’t Go Back to Normal Post-Covid

What we've all been waiting for is finally here! The world is opening back up. We can hug our loved ones, see friends we haven't seen in well over a year, go out to eat, and truly the list continues. I've mentioned in an Instagram post recently that while I'm extremely excited, I'm also a little anxious. I've since then come to learn that the term is called "reentry anxiety" and it's been felt by more than just me. We have spent the past 15 months living in extremely abnormal circumstances all in the name of keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. It's no wonder the idea of returning to exactly what we were told was harmful only a few months ago would leave us feeling a little scared today.

While my list of things I can't wait to do is pretty long, I do have a quick list of things that I don't want to go back to normal. Because while 2020 sucked, there were some key learnings and changes that I simply don't want the world to forget.

Four Pandemic Things that Shouldn't Go Back to Normal Post Pandemic

  1. Going into the office five days a week - Ok I will admit, this one is a little self-serving. The days of needing to be in your office five days a week feels like some industrial revolution leftover that I'm simply not here for anymore. I love working from home (without my kids) as it gives me the freedom to knock out a few home chores between work tasks. This makes my weekends so much more enjoyable. Being that I'm an extrovert, I also enjoy going into the office a few times a week to chat with my coworkers. If we could just keep this hybrid situation that was introduced to a lot of workplaces since returning to work in 2021, that would be great. Thanks.

  2. Being a Judgey Wudgey bear - 2020 was the year we learned to stop judging people for the (nondangerous) life choices they were making. We were giving each other grace all over the dang place. Gained weight? Whatever. Kids had too much screen time? Survival. Ran down the block completely naked for a mental break? You. Do. You. Boo! I would like to keep this mentality as we head into whatever is next. We are humans. Pandemic or not we are all just doing our best. Also, it cost $0 to just mind your own business anyways.

  3. Saying ”No” without giving a reason - Can we normalize simply not feeling like it? I personally feel like this is a fine excuse to decline an event. I'm not saying use this as an excuse four minutes before you're supposed to be somewhere, that is just bad manners. But, to outright say you don't feel like it from the start feels like a fine enough reason to me. These days as a mom of two, I like to keep my schedule a little looser than I previously did. So sure I might have the timeslot open for that event.....but I'm tired and want to use that time to do nothing.

  4. Overcrowded restaurants - Again, this one is. a little self-serving. I love going out to eat and I want to make sure my favorite restaurants continue to do well, but I'm not interested in crowded bars for profit's sake anymore. Just because you can fit 150 people in a space doesn't mean you should. I have truly enjoyed the extra personal space that came with the reduced capacity limitations.

Ok. Your turn! What are some things you hope do not go back to the way things were pre-covid?

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