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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, I'm done dieting

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Gonna make a big proclamation here. I, Rashida Dinehart, am done dieting! Yep done. I have spent the last 21 months beating myself up about my postpartum body and I’ve decided I’m not going to do it anymore. It’s taking up too much real estate in my brain. 

This isn’t to say I’m going to eat pizza everyday. My mom died of a heart attack, and heart disease runs in my fam so pizza everyday isn’t really an option either. 

But what is an option is to love this new body of mine the way it is. You see I’ve done ALL the weight loss apps. Weight watchers, Noom, My Fitness Pal, hitting 10k steps a day, even a 6-week challenge at a local gym. All worked in their own way but none seemed to be sustainable for me. I don't want to shit all over those programs, actually quite the contrary. Weight Watchers was my jam while I was breastfeeding. Believe or not, they're actually one of the only programs that seems to understand that breastfeeding makes you hungry as fuck and gives you extra points to allow for that. But I'd do any of them for about a month, see minimal results, (which I know is the healthy way to loss weight), quit the program, binge eat pizza for days and days, gain it back, hate myself and then start the process all over again. That process was exhausting and quite frankly horrible for my mental health.

So today I'm making a declaration to myself and to all postpartum mamas. I'm done dieting. I will eat healthy when I can and I won't when I won't. It helps that I actually like healthy foods to begin with, but truly I’ve come to an agreement with this body of mine, that I'm going to love it even though it's different that it used to be. I've accept that in this season of my life, I’m just going to be a bit doughy. Yep. Doughy....because cookies and chocolate chip banana bread. I think there will come a time when I can return to a more regimented eating and running routine but right now, I have a toddler who pooped on the floor and for that I deserve wine and Mac and cheese tonight. 

I am not the number on the scale. You know what I am though: 

  • A good (enough) mom

  • A fantastic wife, if I do say so my self.

  • A dedicated friend

  • An extremely hard worker

  • A loving dog mama

  • A new business owner......yep, you read that right.

Big shit's poppin' over here, guys! More to come!



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