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Just For Fun: 8 Things I (Actually) Love About Pregnancy

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ok. It is no secret that I hate being pregnant. I think I have mentioned it on this platform at least once a week, and I for sure say it at work almost daily. I don't want this to come off as being ungrateful for the gift I get to carry. I am extremely excited for Miss P's arrival and have always said that being a mom is one of my favorite things. But I don't like being pregnant and that's okay.

Lately, I have been getting a little in my feels about this being my last pregnancy though. Since I already know how fast the newborn period goes by, I'm almost mourning P getting here already. It's weird. So since I am in my feels, I thought it'd be fun to list the things I actually like about being pregnant.

  1. Baby Kicks - These bring me all the joy! Even when I'm trying to sleep, I love them. They're a reminder that baby is safe, sound and happy in there and it makes me happy. In fact, P is kicking as I type this. Baby kicks are magical. There is honestly nothing like it. It's the first thing I miss postpartum.

  2. Eating Whatever I Want - I hold nothing back when I'm pregnant. I see it. I like it. I want it. I eat it. When I'm not pregnant I usually try to eat somewhat healthy and not go completely overboard. But pregnancy is a time for me to eat all the things.

  3. People are Nice to You - People are generally nicer to you when they see your sporting a bump. They give up their seats. They'll help you carry things. Shoot they even smile at you more.

  1. Napping Whenever I Want - Since I already have one kid, napping is a luxury. But during this pregnancy, Ben has been amazing about letting me nap whenever I need/want to. I try not to take advantage of him and try to line my naps up with Dom's, but during the first trimester, that was nearly impossible.

  2. My Bump - This kinda goes with baby kicks, but overall I do love having a baby bump. Even when it gets a little large and in my way I still like it. I think it's a body image thing. You can't hate on your body for getting larger when it's doing such an amazing thing. During pregnancy, I tend to give my body a lot of grace and space to let it do what it needs to do.

  3. The Constant Companion - I LOVE having a constant buddy with me. There is something really cool about it being just me and her right now. My voice is the one she hears all the time. She hears my heartbeat. I feel her hiccups. It's just us two right now which I think is really special.

  4. I am Woman - Hear me effing roar!!! Being the raging feminist that I am, I love that this is something only females can do (in the macro sense. I do not want to get into a gender norm argument here). WE GROW FREAKING HUMANS WITH OUR BODIES!

  5. Doing the Least - Everyone feels like doing the least from time to time, but pregnancy is an excuse to do the least as much as possible. You simply walking up the stairs is a reason to celebrate. No one is wondering if you're pulling your weight because you quite literally are.

Full disclosure - this was going to be a list of 10 but I got to 8 and that felt that was enough. At 24-weeks pregnant I'm over the halfway mark, which makes me feel so many emotions.

Here's to finishing out the final tri of my final pregnancy.



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