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Just For Fun: Why is Dom Crying?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

When it comes this blog, I've long said that I didn't want this to be just a sad blog. No matter where you are in the grief journey, you of course want to feel seen, but you're also not looking for a person throwing themselves a pity party. Yes misery loves company, but zero people hate laughing. That said I've been waiting to introduce a "Just for Fun" series. These posts will be purely for your entertainment. They're meant to make you laugh...hopefully.

Today I give you the poetic musings of reasons my toddler is crying.

  1. Because he didn't want me to walk into the house in front of, or behind him or at all.

  2. Because I wouldn't let him drive his lego ambulance through his pasta.

  3. Because I looked at him.

  4. Because I put tape on his face (ok yes this one if my fault).

  5. Because I put water in his green sippy cup and not the red

  6. Because he wanted his milk split into two sippy cups.

  7. Because I wouldn't let him simply stare at his yogurt (we were running late)

  8. Because dad wouldn't let him wear his PJ shirt for the 3 day (and night) in a row.

  9. Because I took the liner off his cupcake so he could eat it.

  10. Because Kona (our dog) looked at him.

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