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Kansas City Weekend Recap

Last weekend Ben and I went on our first kidless trip since December 2018. Yep. Somewhere between having another baby, allowing each other to go on trips with friends, starting new jobs, and oh yeah, a pandemic, a trip for both of us just slipped off our radar.

Ben and his entire crew are Rockhurst alums so we are no strangers to Kansas City. In the first few years of us dating, between weddings and friends living there I swear we went 2-3 times a year. SO when one of our friends suggested we all go on a parent's weekend to Kansas City my first response was "whomp whomp." Been there. Done that. No shade on Kasa City, but shouldn't we do something crazy for our first trip post-pandemic?

Turns out that KC was exactly what the doctor ordered for five sets of parents who were too tired to plan something more extravagant. The close proximity to St. Louis paired with the fact that we all knew it well made for very little planning beforehand and lots of laughing and drinking. We LITERALLY did nothing but eat, drink and hang out at the hotel pool. We stayed out late. Ee rode scooters from bar to bar. We slept in. We brunched. Who knew my soul needed time with the friends we literally see every weekend, but without the detractions of the 12 (yes 12) kids, we have between us.

Below is where we stayed and what we did. Would recommend everything included!

Where did we stay?

The Westin at Crown Center

We opted to stay at a hotel rather than an Airbnb because...pool! We wanted to lay by the pool for as long as possible without the fear of a kid falling in. The weather wasn't the best during the weekend but we were able to get a few glorious hours in on Saturday. The rooms were roomy and the beds were comfortable. My only complaint is that the bar closed at 10 pm.

Where did we eat?

Gram & Dun on the Plaza

The husbands, of course, had to get a round of golf in as soon as we got there....because they're basic AF so the wives brunched hard....because we are also basic AF. We spent 2 hours at Gram & Dun drinking mimosas and eating. The mimosas were made with prosecco (yes!) and my burger was amazing (yes yes).

Carmen's Cafe in Brookside

This restaurant was apparently a group favorite back in the day so I was excited to try it. It didn't disappoint. Think classic Italian like your grandmother would make. Large portions and so damn good. The wine and the laughs were flowing. So much so that someone in my marriage needed to be taken back to the hotel early on Friday. Hint: it was not me.

Pizza 51 in Brookside

Ok, Pizza 51 may have been the real MVP of the weekend. I complained of being hungry between brunch and dinner while we were at the pool. No one else seems to be on my level so I took charged and order the pizza that saved the day. It has been quoted that we all would have been too drunk and sleepy to make our dinner reservations had we not down the mid-day pizza. It was delicious! Large slices and perfect dough.

Rockhill Grille Downtown

Delicious! I ordered a brussel sprout salad because I was still full-ish from the drunk pizza. Ben got a French Dip which he says may have been the best French Dip he has ever had. We all started with cocktails which were really good but switched to wine for round two drinks.

Where did we party?

Kelly Westport Inn

IYKYK - I've been to Kelly's many many times back in my pre-kid days. It is a classic bar. No frills. You can get pizza by the slice in the back and the DJ is usually pretty lit.

Power and Light District Downtown

This is like a mini-city of bars all within the same "building". I watched a girl get her fake ID taken right before we entered, and for some reason that made me feel old AF. Regardless we double fisted drinks, took Fire Ball shots, and listened to the live concert that was going on. Fun was definitely had.

Thanks, Kansas City for showing these tired parents a good time. We will be back sooner than last time.

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