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Local pride yields local produce at Dierbergs

If you know me personally, you know that I love any and all things local. Before I had Dom and P I was deeply involved in the St. Louis nonprofit scene, serving on three nonprofit boards and donating to whatever organizations I could without breaking the bank. I did so all in the name of keeping St. Louis and the areas surrounding it a thriving geographical location.

While becoming a mom has meant scaling back on the amount of time I can physically spend helping St. Louis—who knew these little humans would take up so much dang time—supporting local businesses and initiatives that better our city is still a passion of mine. These days it takes shape in the products I buy for my little family.

Why did I invite you to this Ted Talk?

Because I’m excited to be partnering with Dierbergs for this VERY reason. I’m all in when it comes to anything I can do to highlight the unique and beneficial programs going on in our community. This is perfect because I already love me some Dierbergs (Heyyyy Spinach Artichoke Dip...).

Dierbergs Homegrown is dedicated to bringing local produce right to you in a convenient one-stop-shop. Not only can you feel good knowing you’re supporting local farming families, but you’re also feeding your family locally sourced goodness. The real benefit here is that you can get the freshest of fresh produce and still pick up those Oreo’s you need to bribe your toddler all in one after-work pit stop.

Dierbergs defines a product as "Homegrown" when it can be picked, packed, and delivered to their stores within 24 hours. This means the food picked in the morning is on your table (or in your toddler’s hair) for dinner. This relationship between Dierbergs and local farmers is mutually beneficial. Dierbergs gets to provide us—its customers—with the freshest quality, local produce at the best possible price while also supporting the farmers who rely on Dierbergs’ business every year. In fact, some of these farming relationships have been passed down generations, such as Meyer Farms and Relleke Farms.

Fun fact: the marketing industry I have the most knowledge in is agriculture. For a chick who hates being outside without a cocktail, the amount of information I know about ag is a neat party trick. So trust me when I say that having just-picked fresh produce available to us in a large city is really cool.

So which of the homegrown produce are Dinehart Fam Faves?

For me and picky-eater Dom, it’s the Black Diamond Watermelon. P has taken a liking to the Bader Farm Peaches. Our lone tomato lover in the house, Ben, of course, picks Country Lane Farms red heirloom tomatoes.

Learn more about Homegrown and check out some delicious recipes at

Have you checked out Dierbergs Homegrown section lately? What’s the fruit or veggie you can always count on your family to eat?

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