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Mini Musings: Regrief

No one ever told me about regrief. The idea that I’d grieve my mom over and over again but in different ways.

I lost her when I was 15 so of course, I grieved her as a daughter who desperately missed her mom. But when I had my son I grieved her as a grandma. I grieved her for myself, my son, and even for the time she would never get with her grandson.

When I had my daughter I entered a new area of grief. I grieved being a mom without a mom raising a future mom (If that’s what she wants).

I think of all the future memories that I hope to have with my kids that my mom will never get with my brother and I and I grieve.

No one ever tells you this is a lifelong sentence. Time doesn’t quite heal. It just changes the game. ❤️

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