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New Name - Who Dis?

Dear friends! I have some really exciting news! When I started The Motherless Mom almost 2 years ago, my main mission was to just tell my story about becoming a mom without my own mom to guide the way. As the blog grew and more and more of you began to follow along I started to feel a need to serve you in other ways. Being a motherless mom isn't always about grief and it isn't always sad. Some days it's a toddler tantrum. Some days it's discovering a new pair of jeans that fit your new mom bod and make you feel sexy. And yes, some days it's missing my mom so hard that it physically hurts. There's a lot more to me than just the grief and I want to share it with you all from a place that is really authentic.

Ladies and Gentlemen (yes there are a few gents out there! I see you! :) )

Drum roll please.....


It is with great pleasure and a HUGE amount of excitement that I reintroduce the blog.....

Is now.....

I am sure you're wondering, who the heck is Mona? She's the inspiration and the muse,


I say "is" instead of "was" because she still is my mom. She'll always be no matter what. Her legacy lives on through me and her grandbabies.

I'm so excited to continue serving this community and I hope you'll continue to show up as well.

See you soon!



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