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Outfit Inspiration - May 21

Updated: May 25, 2021

So I'm on a bit of a fashion finding journey in that I'm trying to MY fashion sense. Two pregnancies have left me with a very different body than I'm used to dressing. A pandemic has left me with a closet full of "out of style" clothing. As the world begins opening up I'm trying to find clothes that are both cute and comfortable. I can't go back to the days of wearing clothes that weren't also comfortable. I'm a married mom of two in my dang thirties...I'm trying to impress no one but myself.

If you're like me, you rarely have time to scroll through online shops looking for the perfect piece only to discover upon its arrival five days later that you needed the size up. Here's hoping I can take some of that scrolling and guesswork out of shopping for you.

I posted these two quick looks on my insta stories this week and a lot of you wanted the links so I'm posting them below. Maybe I'll style my hair better next time. Just kidding I probably won't. Enjoy!

Jean Shorts (H&M): I bought these in-store and they don't appear to be online so I'm linking to a very very close alternative. I'm wearing a size 10 which is pretty true to size for me.

Bodysuit (H&M): Size L

Shirt (H&M): Size M

Jeans (H&M): Size 10

Shoes (Amazon): The ones I'm wearing are from Marshalls and they do not seem to be online so I'm linking to another pair I also own that are similar.

If you're loving the shirt pattern like I am it also comes in shorts.

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