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Pivoting - The Motherless Mom: Month 2

The Motherless Mom is 2 months old. I had originally planned for this post to be about how I'm using social media to gain brand awareness, but I think I'm going to pivot a bit. Because I am a marketer by day, the original purpose of this blog was simply to "practice" all of the digital skills I'd learned while studying to take my PCM test. I originally thought I'd make these monthly check ins more how-to focused with a plan that after a year I'd create an e-book on how to start your own blog.

But between the wisdom teeth removal, work and a bought of feeling like a failure in all aspects of my life, I've decided that 1) creating an e-book on how to start a blog is actually a boring idea and 2) this blog ain't for practice anymore. How can a platform in which I've committed to showing up openly and honestly about motherhood and grief ever be "just for practice".

This month I decided that The Motherless Mom might be bigger than I thought, so I'm going to really lean into it. I'm going to keep showing up for every mom in any aspect of her grief journey. Being a mom is hard enough, but add grief into that mix and we're dealing with an entirely different monster. I'm on a mission to build a community that provides strength, comfort and camaraderie to motherless moms and beyond. It's a big undertaking but I'm up for the challenge.

I'm pivoting in more ways than this blog. More to come!



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