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Updated: May 17, 2020

Specifically the postpartum period.

OK! Excuse this soapbox rant but I need to get this out.

*Cough cough - Stands Up*

STOP CENSORING MOTHERHOOD!!! Zero moms are here for it, and zero moms are benefiting from it. Let me take a step back.

This morning a good friend of mine sent me a Frida Mom ad. An ad that was banned from showing during the Oscars. You may be wondering what could this ad show that you haven’t seen in other commercials before? If you’re a mom like me you may be like, “I mean, damn did they show her ACTUAL VAGINA?” The answer is no. No. They did not show her actual vagina. They didn’t even show side boob. They showed a new mom, waking up in the middle of the night having to tend to her postpartum body before spending what I’m sure will be another few hours taking care of her newborn before she can return to sleep….

Now I’m not sure which part was deemed too graphic, they didn’t consult me before banning. Was it the peeing, the perinatal bottle, the mesh panties, her tired face?!

Having gone through postpartum once and being that I’m currently looking another 4th trimester in the face, I was annoyed. But it wasn’t until my very own ad was rejected by Facebook for a similar reason that I became enraged. Now, I’m not Frida mom. I was only spending pennies when compared to them. But the message is the same. A postpartum body should be hidden.

We wonder why women feel the need to bounce back after having a baby. We wonder why moms experience postpartum depression and body dysmorphia. We wonder why moms don’t feel like they’re good enough. Because the current narrative continues to tell us that we’re not.

How is a woman supposed to feel comfortable in her new body when the media out there isn’t showing her people who look like her? This isn’t an attack on the women who do or want to bounce back right away. All moms are beautiful. What this is though is permission for moms to embrace their postpartum bodies.

MOMS! Let me share a little wisdom with you. WE ARE BADASS!!! Our bodies not only made but grew and then birthed an entire human. Then, in a lot of cases, those same bodies go on to provide nourishment for said tiny humans. Think about that. Your body isn’t meant to be the same as it was before birth. Just like your 40-year-old body isn’t meant to look like your 16-year-old body. You are different. You are changed. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let any mom in my life think that she’s changed for the worse. Moms are among the most resilient people I know. When you become a mom, you morph into a new, stronger version of yourself. (Not that women who aren’t moms or didn’t physically birth a human aren’t badass….I see you too!) You become a lioness. The lioness holds down the entire pride, hunts for meals and nurses her babies….bet she’s not crying about her new body (she might be, that lion media can be harsh).

MEDIA! Let me share a little wisdom with you. Show us something real. I want to see real postpartum and motherhood. I want to know what I’m going through is actually normal and isn’t something to be shameful of. Moms are out here growing the next generation of humans WITH THEIR BODIES….. don't make us feel like we’re not worthy of love.

In the words of my boy, Kendrick Lamar - “Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks.” Because Lord knows I’ve got PLENTY of that.

*Gets down from the box, eats donut* because I'm growing a human and I deserve it.



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