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Taking Back Postpartum

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ok, ladies now let's get in formation. A postpartum formation if you will. I want to start a revolution of sorts. A revolution in which we take back the word postpartum.

The word postpartum is commonly paired with something not-so-great. Postpartum depression. Postpartum body. The word is consistently linked to an idea that you are not as good as you were before baby. But the truth is you're really pretty spectacular. You not only grew a human but are somehow also keeping it alive, and for that, you should be celebrated! You are powerful AF and it’s time we remind the world just how amazing and fierce moms are. It’s time we reclaim the word “postpartum” and make it stand for strength, beauty, and general badassness!

So what am I doing? Besides growing a human? Introducing The Postpartumness Shop - a shop dedicated to making mamas feel like the fierce mama lionesses they really are. I want you to wear your Postpartumness like a badge of honor! We're gonna do postpartum together, and we're going to own it!

SHOP NOW - You know you want to! :)



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