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The Hospital Bag Must-Haves of a Second Time Mom

Ohhh the hospital bag! I think the narrative is to start packing one around week 32 or so, just in case. However, if you’re like me, you think that’s just jinxing yourself to be pregnant for 52 weeks so maybe you just start by making a list. 

With Dom I had the beginnings of a bag packed and a list made. However, when I went into labor at 3:30 am at 37 weeks we panicked and literally threw everything I thought I’d need in bags and booked it for the hospital. Needless to say, I packed A LOT of unnecessary shit. 

This time around I started packing my bag around 32 weeks out of sheer quarantine boredom. Good thing I did though given the adventure of my 33rd week! This time around I was a little more intentional with what went in my bag. I knew there were specific items I absolutely needed, but so many other things I did not!

Below is my list for mama, her support person, and of course the new tiny human.

Mama Must-Haves: 

  • Phone chargers 

  • Nipple shields - most hospitals have these but I want to try the haakaa one specifically, so I’m bringing it with.  

  • Pillow 

  • Chapstick

  • PJ Shorts/Pants 

  • Nursing Bras

  • Nipple cream 

  • Comfy shorts/leggings - likely maternity since you’ll still look about 6-month pregnant 

  • Comfy shirt - also maternity for the same reason above.

  • Grippy Socks - hospital floors are cold and slick!

  • Undies - like the kind you don’t mind getting completely ruined. Full booty coverage to hold the giant pad you’ll be wearing. They’ll of course give you mesh panties as well, but I changed out of those on day 2. 

  • Toiletries - for me this means soap, lotion, face wash, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, comb, brush, hair ties and my night bonnet (black girl problems)

  • Make up - optional and not included in my hospital bag. But if you’d like to give yourself a fresh face before pics, don’t forget your make up. 

Baby’s Must-Haves: 

To be honest, you really don’t need much for baby. The hospital provides you with pretty much anything you need. But if you’re into pics and memories here are a few things you might want to bring 

  • Baby Blanket/swaddle 

  • Going Home Outfit

Partner’s Must-Haves:

This one often gets forgotten, but if your partner is staying at the hospital with you, they’ll need an overnight bag as well. 

  • Comfy clothes 

  • Change of clothes 

  • Undies 

  • Toiletries 

  • Chargers 

  • Blanket/pillow - to make the couch a little more comfy for them to sleep on 

  • Snacks - delivery can get long for them too

I hope my fellow pandemic mamas are taking good care of themselves as they prepare to bring a new baby home in the midst of the crazy 2020 world we're living in.



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