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This is How I DGAF

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

So I recently wrote a post about how I adorably thought I could fit motherhood into my perfect little pie chart life.

I thought I could micromanage my way into motherhood. I thought my baby would fit neatly into my pie chart life and I'd ride beautifully off into the sunset. - from my post "My Life is Pie"

What I have come to learn in my almost 2 years of motherhood is that there were and are some things, people, ideas and thoughts I just had to let go of to make space for being the best mom I can be.

I'm an avid listener of The Mom Hour, a podcast about all stages motherhood, and recently they did an episode called "The Life Changing Magic of Opting Out." It is about how as a mom, there are things you have to give yourself permission not do, simply to survive. Coffee and Crumbs, another mom podcast did a similar episode called "This is How We Don't". I thought this was fun and am providing my own rendition called, "This is how I DGAF." This is a list of all the things I opt out of or find a convenient way to get it done. Often these shortcuts make me feel guilty because my mom wasn't one for shortcuts but then I tell myself that these shortcuts didn't exist when my mom was alive and I sure as shit never saw her churning her own butter....

Toy lawn mower
This is currently the only lawn mower in our house. Sad, yes. But it be like that sometimes.

This is How I DGAF:

  • Christmas cards - Sent them last year only because they doubled as Thank You cards for Dom's birthday. Can't say I'll do it again.

  • Bringing homemade baked goods to things - I honestly can't get my life together to be prepared enough ahead of time to bake anything. It's not because I don't like baking. I actually love it. But chances are I will only remember to bring anything because I set an alarm perfectly timed for when I'm driving past the grocery store on my way to work.

  • Cleaning the bathtub - Or the toilets or the baseboards or the blinds. Outsourced this shit! Hired a cleaning crew that comes once a month and haven't looked back. I think this has saved my marriage. I will happily eat PB&J sandwiches for dinner if it means I don't have to clean my tub.

  • Yardwork - See above explanation

  • Shaving my legs (and let's be honest....other places too) - Unless I'm really trying to make a statement...this doesn't get done. I will straight choose outfits based on the length of hair on my legs. I'm sorry. It just be like that sometimes. Maybe if someone openly mocked me, I'd do better....nah probably not. Too tired to GAF.

  • Grocery shopping - Hellllllllo Instacart. I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me!

  • Homemade Valentines boxes - Tried it. Hated it. Mailing it in next year. will arrive in the mail from Amazon. Same with Easter eggs - will buy these prefilled next year.

  • Making the bed every morning - I used to be a stickler for this. I thought it felt weird to get into an unmade bed. Now by the end of the day I'm so tired I'd sleep in a dog bed if it meant I'd be a good night's sleep.

Honestly my motherhood motto has been "If it can't be bought, it won't get got...."

What are some things you DAF about now that you've become a mom?

Enjoy your week!



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