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To My Non-Mom Friends

Recently I went out with three friends, all of whom are not moms. Yes we did talk about my kid a little bit, but we found plenty of other things to talk about too. I requested, at a minimum, to 1) have one good cocktail and 2) to dance on an elevated surface. They delivered. And then I was inspired to write a love letter to ALL of my non-mom friends.

To my non mom friends,


Can I just say. I love you and I appreciate you. You hold a different place in my heart than my mom friends but that place is not smaller. 

You help me remain normal. 

You help me find other topics besides my kid, yet you totally let me dive into talking about Dom for what I’m sure is far too many minutes. 

You remind me of my former self. 

You were good for my soul pre-kid and you’re even better for my soul now. 

You indulge my need to dance on a table now and then, yet you’re there when all I can offer is wine on my patio after my kid goes down. 

I adore you! You love Dom as if he’s part of your family and I honestly thank you for that. 

I thank you for ushering me into this new season of life with such grace. 

You’ve let me totally relish in my new identity without ever making me feel guilty for it and in turn I do my best to not make you feel you NEED to be a mom too. 

You help make the world go round (like fat bottomed girls) just as my mom friends do. You’re just as important to me. 

I love you and I thank you! 



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